As a company looking for standingat the vanguard of its sector,in ABM we give great importance to our I+D+i (Investigation + Development+ innovation) department and the management our know-how. As manufacturers we are near more likely to innovation than to investigation and development. At ABM innovation is continuous applying new ideas and solutions at each one of the new projects.

As result of the work our professional staff we have apatent and over 20 registrations of concepts andsystems for blow molding tool.

On the other hand, the innovative FTC (Finishing Tool Concept) allow our clients avoiding post-operations, reducing costs and raising the cicle times.

"Innovation in our product takes part of our strategy for it’s on the road to gain competitiveness in the market."

The integration of the different functions enable us to offer from design (in our offices or in our client´s offices), engineering, moulds production, auxiliar fixtures, pre-serie blow molding, check fixtures and tridimensional verification.