Full Service Supplier

The concept FSS (Full Service Supplier) consists giving the client an additional service, faster and more flexible as support to englobe the necessary processes going from the design to the delivering of test runs all these according our client´s quality standards.

To be known as a FSS by our clients is our most important aim in our relationship. To achieve this, allow us to participate more at a project´s evolution and give good solutions which is useful to improve functionality and quality, leading to better cicles in the processes and reducing handcraft in the finishing of blow molding parts.


The processes we provide through FSS to our clients are:

Design of the blow molding part

The design of the blow molding part is one of the most important processes for the functionality of the part and the best conception of the mold to produce the part, depends from it. With a team made up of excelent engineers, ABM offers the necessary technical acknowledgement based on a wide expertise in tooling and work standards of the automotive branch, like CATIA V4 and V5, Pro-Engineer, I-deas, etc. The development of engineering can be done in our instalations as well as in our client´s facilities sending our technicians to our client´s design team.


Turn-over engineering of projects

If we didn´t take part at the design process of the blow molding part, we are able to help you designing it again improving the functionality and purposing changes to our client in sense to optimize them and achieve parts corresponding to the demanded technical specifications.

Mould manufacturing

Mould manufacture was inicially ABM´s only activity from the very begin on. The market´s demand made us up to offer more and more untill we came to the concept of Full Service Supplier. Nowadays, to manufacture a mould is just a part of the concept and our bigger expertise in the branch allow us to offer excelent molds for the best price.Our long expertise in all kinds of blow molds, in 3D system, suction system, etc, permit us giving always the best solutions taking in account the needs of the part.


Building Auxiliar Fixture

Sometimes it isn´t feaseble to apply finshing inside the mold creating the necesity of additional fixtures for finishing, we from ABM have all equipment and know-how to fit those kind of fixtures in the run process. The fixtures are made according to the client´s necessity. Fixture types we build are mechaning, welding, checking, etc.


Blow Molding Short Runs

If the client requires we are able to carry out the first tests and short runs of the parts in our own blow mold machines. Their capacity goes from 1 litre to 60 litres.

Finishing Parts

If the production of short runs has to be taken before the mould or auxiliar fixture is not finished yet we finishes the parts with semi-automatic devices according to our client´s specifications. We are able also to finish parts already on production.

Check Fixture

If the client desires we build check fixtures and other devices for verifying its fitting momentanlly or fixtures for tridimensional measurements.

Tridimensional Verification

We have the necessary equipament to apply a tridimensional verification of the short runs. For that we have a Stiefelmayer machine with Metrolog 2 software.